Who is ExpeRemote?
Experemote is an Expert Remote Engineering and Technical Team. We provide permanent, and temporary solutions for technical problems arise before, during, or after the construction of all types of concrete structures including dams, Highrise buildings, bridges, etc. These solutions include the below items:

  • Services in concrete aggregates and borrow areas study
  • Mix design
  • Durability design
  • Preparation of Technical Specification
  • Quality Control Planning
  • Finite element analysis (e.g. thermal analysis)
  • Crack prevention solutions
  • Concreting method statements
  • Repair methodology

Who Will Benefit?
This is a basic rule that: “A good quality concrete structure will be more economical than a cheaper concrete structure with lower quality.” So, The Client will reach the complete benefit of outsourcing the technical parts of the project to Experemote teamwork, and the team will prepare and submit the required technical documents directly to the Client with a much lower cost.

What is your Risk?
Almost Nothing. The client will reach the services (including design reports, drawings, Specs, and method statements) and Experemote is in very close cooperation with him in each step which has been defined in the contract.

How to Start?
Just Contact Experemote, we will send you the experts' CVs and after Skype meetings and finalization of the contract, we will start. We receive your data regarding the project and we will send you documents step by step. You will be aware of the work progress weekly and the managers can make the required decision at a suitable time.

What do we do?
After receiving your Basic Data and related documents, Experemote Will Perform the next design step which the client expects (Design review, Spec preparation and QC procedures, Performing analysis) of The Project Based on Latest international design Codes.

Why ExpeRemote?
Because of the Client’s Cost and Time are important. You don’t need to have a complete team; Just Some even Freelancer Experts are enough for the success.

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